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To book your Tour Kindly follow the steps below:

Step 1: Calculate your Booking Fees based on the number of Adults, Couples and Children on the tour.

Step 2: Scan and email the Data page of the international passport of travelers, and a passport photograph on a white background to and
Your message title must be your tour destination (e.g message title is "Dubai' or 7 Day Classic Dubai) and you must indicate your intended travel date.

Step 3: Once you receive your reservation details via email, Pay the full booking fees to our account details below:
Account number: 0040384158, Mavlon Multi-Services Limited, Diamondbank.

Step 4: A tour operator will contact you with your tour schedule and visa requirements if necessary and arrange for the delivery of your travel documents.

You can also apply in person at our booking office at: 101/103 Community Road, Off St. Finbarrs Road Akoka Yaba, Lagos. Call: 08178171508

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